Italian Charm

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How to Sublimate an Italian Charm Bracelet

Italian Charm

Why Do You Love Italian Charms?

Italian charms are the latest and most popular trend in the jewelry industry. The trend began in the mid 1980s in Italy. The craze spread so fast that soccer players have been known to wear bracelets that reflected their country's colors. The trend spread to the United States after American tourists became enamored with the style.

The popular Italian charm bracelet begins with a modular bracelet with 18 blank links. Each link is a rectangular stainless steel piece that is interchangeable. Like all charm bracelets, the Italian charm bracelet reflects the owner's personality. However, the modular nature of the Italian bracelet allows for being complete without being too full of charms.

Charms may be used to represent anything. The most common charm representations are hobbies, careers, family, interests, etc. The modular nature of the bracelet allows for each individual to create a bracelet that is unique.

Charms were originally made by soldering a charm onto the bottom of the link. However, high quality charms are made through an enamel process. This process can produce charms in full color and provides for a wider variety of charms. However, the process is expensive, so it is reserved for the highest selling charms. The individuality of the bracelet, though, often creates a desire for more customized charms. Therefore, new, less expensive, methods for producing individual charms had to be discovered.

One method that has been found to produce charms less expensively involves laser technology. Lasers are used to permanently etch a design onto the surface of stainless steel. These charms are less expensive than the enamel charms. Laser technology also allows for the customization of charms. A fully customized and individualized laser charm can be bought between $15 to $20 a piece.

A more expensive method of customization involves the use of photography. A photograph can also be used to create a charm by using two methods. The first method mounts a photograph onto the link and then seals it. The second way is dye-sublimation. This method transfers the colors of the photograph to the link.

The trend of Italian charms has spread to other merchandise in recent years. The modular links can now be found on anklets, key chains, earrings and necklaces.

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