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Case Xtra

Scaffolding Towers Synopsis: The Razor Deck 200 Xtra

At times, there are circumstances where we aren't able to use a ladder. You may be a devoted DIYer or a tradesman, but when you must work at an elevation for a prolonged time, you are aware that sometimes ladders aren't the most suitable method. To work securely and successfully, scaffolding towers are favoured. These structures provide stable work platforms that eliminate the need to stand uncomfortably upon the rungs of a ladder for long periods. A scaffold tower is more effortless to move around and position in different ways because of its quality casters; this makes it better than a standard scaffolding system. There's more room on a scaffold tower for tools and materials than on a conventional ladder. Here are some details regarding a scaffold tower that we are partial to: the Razor Deck 200 Xtra model.

Scaffolding Towers: About the Razor Deck 200 Xtra

Priced at about £1900, the Razor Deck 200 Xtra offers a complete range of features that make it one of the safest and easiest to operate scaffolding tower on the market. Re-devised lately, this Xtra is made with a cranked handle which positions the outriggers quickly. Outriggers guarantee that the tower stands very steadily. The tower is designed with very strong locking elbows; this makes the construction more solid. For appropriate hinge engagement, this 200 Xtra integrates locking grenade pins. Inbuilt spirit level vials indicate whether the tower has been correctly deployed, both vertically and horizontally. Also called bubble levels, spirit levels are glass tubes filled with a liquid, generally coloured alcohol. The liquid includes a bubble, and the central point of the tube has been visibly marked. When the level is set against a vertical surface or horizontal surface, with the bubble in the middle of the tube, the surface will be vertically level, or horizontally plumb. This is probably the most significant aspect of the 200 Xtra.

Scaffolding Towers: Characteristics of the Razor Deck 200 Xtra

Scaffolding towers like this 200 Xtra have got lots of aspects that augment effortlessness in employment as well as safety. Case in point, the tower is equipped with fork lifting guide points to ensure exacting and easy transporting. Its best feature, though, is that it's an innovative, self-erecting, one-piece work platform that packs flat. It requires no power to self-erect, and thus can be set up by a single person. The only thing that is necessary is a small effort to set it up since the tower is manufactured with balanced tensioning springs as well as a special geometry which permits it to be assembled or broken down in only a few seconds. The 200 Xtra features 3 height settings that adjust with ease, from the ground. This superior quality scaffolding tower is compacted and also extremely light in weight. It has got a built in ladder, and is built using heavy-duty tubing to assure solidity. All these aspects amalgamated produce a scaffold tower that is easy to work with, cuts down on labour, saves time, and decreases the possibility of injury.

Do consider using scaffolding towers like Razor Deck 200 Xtra as opposed to ladders for tasking at elevated places.

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