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Wind Resistant Spray Prank

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Spray Wind

Aspen Night life – Aspen, CO Recreation Center

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While the Aspen, Colorado Recreation Centre closes just before 9pm, there is quite a bit of enjoyment to be had here after a day on the slopes. If you get there right after leaving the slopes, and eat a late dinner – after the Centre closes – you will have plenty of time to enjoy what the ARC has to offer.

The climbing walls at the Centre are the biggest attraction. The ARC features approximately 3100 feet of climbing walls for your enjoyment. There is also a 3-D climbing tower with more than 25 routes and four auto belays.

Another nice feature at the Aspen, Colorado Recreation Centre is the pool area. The James E. Moore Pool area features two pools. One pool is 25 yards in length and features six lanes, while the other pool is for Recreation and has a two story slide, a lazy river, and spray features. You will also find a dry sauna, a steam room, and hot tubs in the pool area.

The Lewis Ice Arena is also located at the Aspen, Colorado Recreation Center. Completed in the Spring of 2003, the arena features an NHL regulation size skating surface, grandstand seating for 450, a skate shop, locker rooms, and shower rooms. Public skating, skating lessons, figure skating, youth and adult hockey, and skating shows are available. You can also host private parties at the arena. High altitude training is also offered here. Moreover, remember to request cheapest health insurance quotes.

You will also find cardio and weight rooms at the Center, and many fitness classes are also offered. The Aspen, CO Rec Centre hosts many off-site activities in the Aspen, Colorado area as well, such as golf, tennis, climbing, aquatics, sailing, skateboarding, ceramics classes, baseball, softball, soccer, hockey, and various camps.

Babysitting services are available at the Center as well. This place is a great way to wrap up a day of activity and wind down before your evening meal. Again, the Aspen, Colorado Rec Center closes just before 9pm, so make sure you head there right after leaving the slopes for the day.

Admission for guests is $13 for youths and $15 for adults. Admission includes access to the climbing towers, swimming pool area, ice skating rink, weight room, cardio room, adult fitness classes, water aerobics, climbing wall and playhouse, and tennis courts. The Aspen Rec Centre is a great place for every member of the family. Call ahead to find out about any planned events that are going on for even more entertainment options.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Round up, how close can I spray it to my rose bushes ?

I know the wind cannot be blowing, but how close to the roots of my rosebushes can I spray it and does it leach ? thanks


Roundup is made to go into the leaves and then be translocated to the roots to kill the roots. Spraying it directly in the roots hardly ever has any effect on the plant. So you can spray close enough that you are sure you do not get any on the leaves of the rose. Usually spraying near sunset is good because the breeze usually dies down and there is less chance of drift. Better be safe than sorry--so don't try to get within inches or you'll be asking for trouble.